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Hai! I'm Dex. I love almost Everything, i love the world, eager to learn more! Interests: Going to the Gym, Hanging out with friends, Reading (basically only Essays), Supporting people, Painting/Sculpting Miniatures, Drawing/Animating, Programming, etc.

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Hai everyone!
I'm Dex, I'm an italian (as you can guess by my failure at english) self-taught artist and i love supporting people and admiring their art as much (if not more) i enjoy creating it!

If i were to show you my best piece of art, i'd say it's this one: http://dex91.deviantart.com/art/My-Main-OC-Dex-s -face-113648104, which has about 1500 favourites on deviantart xD
It's the same one i got as an avatar on this site as well :)

I also have a wide range of interests: i'm interested in almost Everything, i love the world, eager to learn more! Going to the Gym, Hanging out with friends, Reading (basically only Essays), Painting/Sculpting Miniatures, Drawing/Animating, Programming Videogames, Writing, Game Design, etc..
If you want to contact me or support what i do in some other websites, feel free to give a look to my contact informations, among which you can find my Youtube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, blahblah.. yep, i'm a Youtuber and i put my face in my videos.
This is probably a wrong choice, as i certainly am not Brad Pitt.
But i feel it makes everything more personal: i'm not a pile of data and numbers with a giant question mark as a face.
I'm a person, and that's why i decided to go for it and make everything as personal as i could. :)

I have a little Project going on, called Hidden Pencils: it's basically a series completely focused on promoting any kind of artist of any skill level.
I spend a lot of time trying to support artists and looking at new galleries on DeviantArt(new for me, that's what i mean), and it's quite sad to see there are a lot of unrecognized talents out there.
Or that beginners have to spam everwhere or submit to 213190 groups/forums in order to get some attention/support/tips.

Long story short, i run a daily LiveStream (usually daily) in which you can join and share your works with us.
I put my face in this (this probably scares a lot of people away), so that you won't be staring at a talking screen, which feels a little weird.
I comment your work and promote it to the viewers, basically.
Any kind of work is accepted, as long as it is related to art!
Sites, Facebook Pages, Galleries, Youtube Videos.. anything that is art related is more than welcome.

At the moment we are usually about an average of 20-23 people to 30 every livestream, and every viewer is surprisingly active and supportive. Probably because we all share the same view: support is important, and it takes only a second to fav a work and less than a minute to comment it. But it motivates a lot the artists, especially beginning ones!

I usually LiveStream every day at about 10 P.M, Central Europe Summer Time (i'm Italian, this is my TimeZone). You can find more details about this whole thing by looking at the Schedule of the LiveStreams right here http://dex91.deviantart.com/art/Live-Streams-Sch edule-Hidden-Pencils-374299589, looking at my LiveStream Channel http://www.livestream.com/dex91 (which has 18 recorded sessions so far (i almost livestreamed every day since this thing started) and looking at the videos i made about Hidden pencils on my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21MCg4Gf7Fs&list =PLMCQy6UWFa6dGsqnC17n4g4KVQVoYYqJL&index=4

I also very recently started to feature the best works of every Hidden Pencils LiveStream in Youtube videos.
Here is the first one i made yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNMzmJM7eTE&list =PLMCQy6UWFa6dGsqnC17n4g4KVQVoYYqJL&index=1
These videos get promoted on my DeviantArt and Facebook Page as well. Don't expect too much, i don't have much influence (i hope the 1112000 views of my gallery and the 7500 watchers are enough, though, to make a little positive difference for you)

I don't usually promote anything, i mean.. since Hidden pencils started i simply kept going.
But some people suggested me to inform the other people about this as well, so.. here i am!

Of course, the more we are, the more effective the exposure is, so yeah i hope you like this idea and join us!
And of course i'm livestreaming this evening as well, so yeah, feel free to drop by and tell me you are from newgrounds, i'll be more than happy to welcome you and your works, just like the other people in there.

Thank you for your attention, have a wonderful day!

Sorry for the time you lost reading here, see ya this evening or hopefully sooner or later.. and if you don't like this idea don't worry, no problem at all, i understand not everyone shares the same point of view :)